Charlaine Harris is the brilliant author of the Southern Vampires series. Published in 2008, her first book Dead after dark depicts the vibrant deep south of the United States as quirky and unique. It is in the small town of Bon Temps, near Louisiana that we meet Sookie Stackhouse. Surrounded by country folks, this waitress seems ordinary until we discover her telepathic abilities. We often dream of being able to hear people thoughts, we want to be a fly on the wall forgetting perhaps what a burden it can become. Would you be able to keep those secrets? Are you prepared to what you might learn? Human nature can be that of primal instincts and not always a pretty sight.

Sookie has had enough and when the vampires come out of the coffin she is overjoyed to meet ‘people’ that are finally different, like she is. One ordinary night, Bill or more formally William Compton walks in her bar and it is a marvel to realise that she cannot hear his thoughts. Suddenly everything is wonderful, exiting and new. For Sookie vampires come with danger and for us, amazing adventures.

There are thirteen books that give us the story of this beautiful waitress. Check out the latest one in our catalogue, Dead Ever After.


Dead after dark sets the decor for the TV series True Blood created by Alan Ball . However, the characters, places and events rarely match after the first few books. I believe that the audience reacts differently to the small screen and it leads to changes in the script. Some actors are cherished so much that instead of disappearing like Charlaine Harris wrote it, they keep on coming back every episode giving you joy every week. Nelsan Ellis for example who plays the role of Lafayette Reynolds is absolutely wonderful in the show and I wouldn’t dream of seeing him go.


So books or TV series? The purists will say that nothing is better than a book and as a library officer I should probably agree but I wasn’t disappointed by this show. On the contrary, it is different from all those super productions that you see in Hollywood. It is simple and honest. It brings contemporary issues such as equal rights, acceptance or homosexuality into order. I have to admit that I had a hard time with the first few episodes but it is like struggling to get into a book. If you persevere I can assure you that you won’t be let down. The best would be almost to take the books and the show as two different entities. As for the girls out there, I will only say one thing, Alexander Skasgard.

Enjoy !