One of our sessions during the holidays was on animation.  We made flipbooks as well as animations using clay or even Lego using stop motion.  Basically stop motion is where you take a series of still photos and then roll them them together to make them appear as if they’re moving. Videos to be posted soon but in the meantime I thought I’d post a few of the apps I used so anyone with an iPad or iPod can try these at home.

Lego have just put up a free stop motion app – the Lego Super Hero Movie Maker [no longer available].  It’s pretty nifty, you can add music and sound effects and a title card but it is super hero branded so if that’s not your thing it might not be for you.  Plus it’s not quite as good as the other apps we used.  But hey, it’s free.

I would recommend Frameographer if you can spend a few dollars.  It’s pretty awesome, full featured and works really well.  It’s 2.99$ if you have some money to spare.  That’s what I used to record everyone’s animations at the session.

If you have an iOS device try grabbing one of these and keep on animating at home.  It’s great fun!