The popular Australia-wide event Speed Date a Sustainability Expert is coming to the City of Cockburn. The event promises a fun evening with FREE personal advice from Perth’s leading sustainable designers and eco-experts. The event will have home designers, architects and sustainability experts who will provide FREE advice at the first event of its kind in WA.

Visit the Speed Date a Sustainability Expert website to register for the event, or for more information.

Before the event, the library wants you to know that we have sections of our collection dedicated to sustainability and to House and Garden Design. We have highlighted the best of both worlds below with a selection of our best sustainable homes books. We are calling this selection of books– Slow down and date a sustainability book.

Slow Down & Date a Sustainability Book

2150 best sustainable house ideas

Highlighting the latest innovations – focuses on houses that have incorporated new methods of construction, layout, and design  to create environmentally friendly homes.


3 The sustainable Asian house

Celebrates the new architectural vocabulary of environmental, social, and cultural sustainability as it is now emerging in Southeast Asia. There is a new emphasis on fresh air, natural light, and spatial variety. Designers are considering issues such as orientation to the sun and prevailing winds to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. The twenty-seven houses are featured in this fascinating and stunningly photographed study.

5Award winning green roof designs : green roofs for healthy cities

Over 100 beautiful, informative photos – includes details about the plants used, growing media, drainage and irrigation systems, and waterproofing, along with descriptions of challenges overcome, and innovations developed.


6Building for a changing climate : the challenge for construction, planning and energy

In this frank yet pervasively positive book, sustainable architecture guru Peter Smith lays out his vision of how things are likely to change, and what those concerned with the planning, design and construction of the places we live and work can and must do to avert the worst impacts.


8Building with earth : design and technology of a sustainable architecture

Offers a practical overview of the many uses of earth and techniques for processing it. The author’s presentation reflects the rich and varied experiences gained over thirty years of building earth structures all over the world. Numerous photographs of construction sites and drawings show the concrete execution of earth architecture.


10Eco-house renovations : 45 green home conversions

Tour 45 projects with nearly 300 photos and building plans – complete with design resources.


11The ecological house

Planners from every part of the world, of every age and background, have succeeded in distilling the poetics of living in harmony with the environment. Together they present a fascinating panorama of “architectural biodiversity.”


grGreen walls green roofs : designing sustainable architecture

Living structures can be created with vegetation, helping to absorb rainwater, provide insulation, and lower temperatures while creating a habitat for flora and fauna. This title features projects from all over the world showing how these elements work in various climates.


ghThe greenest home : superinsulated and passive house design

Energy-efficient, very well insulated, and virtually airtight. Projects feature in the book are located primarily in the United States, with houses in France, Japan, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland also represented. Each case study includes plans, photographs and a detailed project description.


shSustainable houses

A selection of new projects by emerging architects which provide an interesting panorama of languages and techniques applied to the rich and dynamic field of sustainable architecture. All explanatory texts, floor plans and construction details have been contributed by the architects themselves


swirlWorld’s greenest homes. The complete series 1 & 2 [6 dvd’s]

Visually stunning, all access tour of some of the most extraordinary houses ever built. From temples of glass and steel, to palaces made from pressed earth and recycled blue jeans, these one of a kind residences from around the globe are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Visually stunning, informative, and inspiring, each of these magnificent structures is a testament to ingenuity, determination, and conservation. Hear their stories, and meet the fascinating people who live in them!”


diagYour home : technical manual : Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes

Your Home is Australia’s most comprehensive guide to: Building with sustainable materials; Passive solar design; Designing and building for your climate; How to collect and save water; Insulation products and installation; Shading and ventilation; Energy saving appliances; Solar hot water; Energy efficient lighting; Renewable energy for homes. Contains around 380 pages of environmentally sustainable solutions for designing and building your home.


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