Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg

Texts from

I’ve finally gotten around to reading ‘Texts from Jane Eyre’ by Mallory Ortberg. It’s a hilarious gem of a book, despite the odd-sounding concept: Ortberg writes her offbeat, literary humour daily on her fantastic website The Toast, so if you want a sample, check her out there. This book would be perfect for anyone studying English Lit who needs some time out from their serious study to laugh at their favourite characters, and at themselves.  – Leah

The boy who grew flowers, written by Jennifer Wojtowicz ; illustrated by Steve Adams.

the boy who grew flowers

There was something about this book from the moment I saw it, so I decided to take it home to read to my kids. I can absolutely say it was a hit; we all loved this whimsical story that will remind you to remain true to yourself and persevere (and find people who appreciate you for you!).  – Michelle

The house that Jack built by Guy Adams.

the house that jack built

As a big Doctor Who and Torchwood fan, this book appealed to me immediately for obvious reasons! I was not disappointed; it started out with a bang and overall was just a really enjoyable Torchwood story. – Michelle

Community. The complete first season & The complete second season (DVD)

community cover

Six seasons and a movie was probably a little ambitious with all of the issues that plagued this show but the first two seasons are spectacular. Whether they are fighting it out across the campus with paintball guns, looking for a lost pen, having a flashback episode, or listening to the hilarious ramblings of El Tigre there is always a laugh or seven in each episode. My personal favourite scene is when Abed does Don Draper to Annie – very good acting, funny, and hugely meta. – Jessica

Sharknado (DVD)


Having just seen the third which was disappointing I would encourage you to go back and watch this terrible movie. It is hours of mocking and fun for anyone who thinks they should have their own podcast on iTunes. There is the lack of explanation over how sharks survive in tornados, the fact that the CGI is worse than some actor’s attempts at expression, and the sweet love story between Steve from 90210 and his chainsaw. Watch out for tips on how not to use your phone’s voice command function. – Jessica

The eye of the sheep by Sofie Laguna 

the eye of the sheep

Completely worthy of the recent Miles Franklin Literary Award (and the Stella Prize 2015 shortlist), this moving story is an unique exploration of family through the eyes of Jimmy Flick who is “not like other kids – he’s both too fast and too slow”.  – Michaela

Cat out of hell by Lynne Truss.

cat out of hell

It contains mystery, murder, mild horror and a witty English sense of humour. Oh, and Satanic cats that can talk and kill people with the power of their own minds! It was quite funny and a little bit disturbing. I’ve been slightly unsettled around our cat ever since – (whisper) I think she knows I’m on to her! – David 

Adventureland (DVD)


If you are looking for something not too serious, you will really enjoy Adventure land. With plenty of notable actors and a familiar themes, Adventure land is easy to watch and entertaining throughout. Adults only – There are some naughty themes throughout! – Matt

Safety Not Guaranteed (DVD)

Safety not guranteed

The front cover of Safety Not Guaranteed promises a quirky, fun movie. With well recognised faces and perfect casting, this movie will give you enough predictability to see where it is going but also be caught up in the inter twining character based plots. – Matt

The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson

The sky is everywhere

I’ve just finished reading ‘The sky is everywhere’ It is a deeply moving story of grief and first love. Centre stage is 17 year old Lennie Walker, a bookworm and band geek. Lennie is happy living in the shadow of her feisty older sister, Bailey. But when Bailey dies suddenly, Lennie finds herself juggling her grief, as well as two boys. Joe takes her out of her sorrow, while Toby comforts her in it. This is Jandy Nelson’s debut novel and an engaging read. However, her second novel, I’ll give you the sun, which I read earlier this year, is absolutely brilliant. – Karen

I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson

I'll give you the sun

‘I’ll give you the sun’ by Jandy Nelson is a roller coaster journey of emotions. There is love, loss, betrayal, sexuality, guilt, grief, shame, remorse, anguish and joy. It centres around teenage twins, Noah and Jude. The twins were once incredibly close, but something happens to wreck the twins in different and dramatic ways. Will they be able to put their broken lives back together again? The struggles of growing up and the complications of family are portrayed with amazing insight. I found this book to be incredibly moving and one I will not forget. – Karen

Princess Labelmaker to the rescue! by Tom Angleberger

Cover - Link opens in a new window

I love this series; it’s essential reading for Star Wars fans of any age. This fifth book puts standardized testing to the sword … errr … (origami) lightsaber. If you read this book, then “everything is just going to be stooky fizz-pop waffles with plastic dinosaurs on top!” – Lawley