You want to read a new book, listen to some tunes or watch a movie but you’re not sure what to choose? Our collection is too diverse? Trust the Cockburn Libraries team to help you decide. 



The girl on the train / Paula Hawkins – The girl on the train is a gripping story of a woman who sees something shocking from the train window one morning and begins her own murder investigation.
I really enjoyed it and it certainly keeps you hooked right until the end.



The yellow room conspiracy : a crime novel / Peter Dickinson – If you like cleverly written detective stories, with real people you can believe in, this crime novel is the one for you. There is something to bite on in every chapter and the writing style lets you stroll among the players while absorbing the plot.

yellow room conspiracy



Treme [DVD] – Happy/sad – just picked up Treme [dvd] : the complete fourth season. Happy – as this means I can immerse myself yet again in the wicked, wonderful streets of New Orleans for a few hours and listen to some great traditional and contemporary music.
Sad because this is the 4th and last season and no longer can I follow the lives and loves of some of The Big Easy’s musicians, chefs, police officers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

This tv series was created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer who first worked together on the successful series The Wire,  goes beyond the food and music that New Orleans is famous for and explores political and police corruption, the public housing controversy and the need to attract tourist back to the struggling city after the storm.
Be prepared to give over many hours to being thoroughly entertained but also to suffer a reluctance to return to say goodbye to ‘Norleans’ when the last credits roll.


The eye of the sheep / Sofie Laguna – I took this book away with me on holidays with no expectations. It took me a chapter or so to get into it before I was transported into the world of Jimmy,
A little boy who sees the world differently than others, whom only his mother understands and whom, through heartbreak and sorrow ultimately shows a deep inner wisdom about life. It’s written so beautifully, a blend of pathos and humour and I savoured every sentence.

eye of the sheep



The Dressmaker / Rosalie Ham – Dark and Funny – Cross-dressing, enjoying same-sex relationships, cheating on spouses, and abusing their spouses form the fabric of life in Dungatar. The one thing they will not condone is unwed motherhood and illegitimacy. After twenty years away, Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage returns to where it all began. I am a BorrowBox devotee.



The fast diet : the simple secret of intermittent fasting : lose weight, stay healthy, live longer / Dr. Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer  – My mum has been nagging me to read this book for over six months; she has had some success with the program, she has dropped over 14kg and is now medication free for her diabetes. I finally got around to it, mostly out of necessity and desperation – (I did really, really well at the Christmas eating this year). I’ve been following the 5:2 program for 3 weeks now and I’m seeing the benefits already; weight loss, clearer skin, better sleeping patterns. I’m a fan.

fast diet

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