Hi there! Ever wondered what the library staff enjoy listening to, watching and/or reading? Well my friends wonder no more! Below you will find the stuff we’ve been digging and not digging lately. Also ICYMI: we did some reviews last month, so once you’re done here pop on over here to catch up.

on stranger tides
On stranger tides [sound recording] / Tim Powers – If you are into swashbuckling pirate adventures, then you may enjoy this book. It has a good mix of piracy, voodoo magic, and talking skulls. Does anyone else suddenly feel like playing the Adventures of Monkey Island?

ChantelleDaughter of Smoke and Bone
Daughter of smoke and bone / Laini Taylor – Monsters, angels, a blue haired girl, love, and war. Could not put this one down. You have to read this.

Get out of my life
Get out of my life… But first take me & Alex into town / Toni Wolf & Suzanne Franks – Parent of a teenager? Then you will relate to this book: Get out of my life  explains teenager’s behaviour & why they do what they do! You will know what I mean if you live with them! Valuable insights that change the way you think about & deal with the everyday struggles – definitely worth reading.

growing fruit and veg
Growing veg & fruit / Simon Akeroyd – Step-by-step advice for Australian gardeners. Beautifully presented practical book with lots of close up photos – lovely to browse through. Inspired me to pot up my little blueberry plant.

lean mean 13
Lean mean thirteen / Janet Evanovich – It is full of the usual mix of funny, naughty, mystery, murder-y and mayhem. How Stephanie Plum can have so much bad good-luck is amazing. As her mad grandma would say, “She’s a real peach!”.
What the sea wants, the sea will have [sound recording] / Sarah Blasko – I don’t like all her songs or musical style but I like her singing voice quite a bit. My favourite song off this album is track two The Garden’s End. Check it out here.

Dear leader
Dear leader/Jang Jin-Sung ; translated by Shirley Lee – Outstanding read that will open your eyes to just how bad it really is in North Korea and the lengths people will go to for freedom and food. The description of the state’s control of the flow of information within its borders is chilling.

Bates motel. [dvd]: Season one – I’ve never actually seen Psycho but I love this show. It’s very well acted and Freddie Highmore (who I call Charlie in my head) is stunning as Norman Bates and I often wish he got some help and stopped killing people but watching his descent into psychopathy is excellent viewing. And his mother is equally fascinating. A really good way to spend a few hours. You’ll feel much better about your relationship with your mother when it’s over.
dino collection
Dinosaur Train : Dinormous collection– I watched this with my niece. Repeatedly. It’s a good addition to the trend of educational children’s programmes that deals directly with one of the favourite topics for kids – dinosaurs. After the fifth viewing I was still willing to watch it again so it has to be good.

a wrinkle in time
A wrinkle in time / Madeleine L’Engle ; adapted and illustrated by Hope Larson – Graphic novel edition of the classic children’s story – well worth reading/viewing.
gin vodka tequila
Gin, vodka, tequila : 150 contemporary and classic cocktails / Brian Lucas – My personal favourite is on page 117 but 61 and 83 are on my to-do-list!

Fables. [19], Snow White /  Bill Willingham – This is volume 19 of this excellent adult comic book series, so if you haven’t read any before, don’t start here, go back to the beginning.

brother of more famous jack
Brother of the more famous Jack / Barbara Trapido – I normally don’t go in for the book club stuff but this was delightful. Confessional, open, funny and pretty raunchy in parts, a really excellent portrayal of a woman growing up.

Crochet 200 Q&A : questions answered on everything from basic stitches to finishing touches / Rita Taylor – Borrowed this in the hope it would help me understand how to read a crochet pattern and learn to do the stitches. Very well written, with lots of information on what dc, st, sc and tc means, but not pictures or description on actually HOW TO DO THE STITCHES! Silly book.

river cottage
River Cottage Australia Season 2 [dvd] – As a small farm owner, I LOVED this show. So many great ideas and a good mix of growing and cooking.
girl on the train
Girl on the train / Paula Hawkins – The style (and popularity!) of this book makes it easy to compare to Gone Girl, so I will… they are both page-turners and kept me up too late. I enjoyed them both but Gone Girl has better twists and I quite liked the unhappy ending.

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