There has been many attempt to bring sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s amazing characters back to life but never in New York City.

Sherlock fits perfectly in America.

In this clever new TV series, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes has moved to the “Big Apple” to recover from a drug addiction. Far away from Scotland Yard, he works as a consultant detective and manages to amaze us every episodes with his wits and deductive skills. However, what would be Sherlock Holmes without a Dr Watson ? Elementary, you would say. In this adaptation, Dr Joan Watson, a lady this time, played by the incredible Lucy Lu, is an ex-surgeon hired by Sherlock’s dad to be his sober companion.

The decor is set. Only thing that remains is to be blown away by this strange partnership. Joan keeps the best detective in the world focused and grounded while he teaches her a different way to look at life. Every detail matters.

For those who love mysteries with a twist, you will appreciate this intelligent modernization of the legendary Sherlock Holmes.


It is a genius idea to welcome the best investigative team of all time to the 21st century ! However, do not worry, if you are a fervent admirer of the book itself, you will be able to recognize some of your favorite characters and villains such as Moriarty. I believe that with this reinvention, a new dimension is born.


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