If you enjoyed watching Game of Thrones then this new series is definitely for you. Vikings is the new show everyone is talking about and for good reasons. We are always curious about the past, about how our ancestors survived in such cruel conditions and here is a perfect reenactment of the best warriors in the world’s history. Welcome to those who didn’t fear death, the Norsemen!


The world of the Vikings is quite different because everything is believed to be fated and governed by the powerful gods. There is no point in being scared of death when everyday of your life is paved in advance. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. It is in the hands of the Thor, Balder, Hoder, Tyr and hundred of others.

In such a setting, the show describes the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, claimed to be direct descendant of Odin, god of war and warriors. A man filled with curiosity and ambition, Ragnar wants to sail across the sea to discover new civilizations, as well as becoming with all the riches won, king of the Vikings. Smart, patient and believed to be blessed, he will try to build ships strong enough to make the journey to England and back.


Personally, I was conflicted at first. Not on the quality of the show but on whether I would be able to watch it without fuming. Those are vikings, there morality is different from ours. I have to admit that I sat in front of my TV yelling more than once, being torn by the desire to know the end and the one to simply end my sufferings and stop the show.

I got involved emotionally. It is not just about the gore and the sex. It is about those characters that are so interesting it is hard not to feel empathy for some and outright hatred for others. Shot in Ireland, we have no problems at all imagining the world of those warriors. I believe that this is an amazing show and I would certainly recommend it. (If you are over 15 years of age of course.)