Not so long ago, African-Americans were fighting for their rights. Reminiscence of this period was witnessed only recently when the Confederate Flag was finally taken down in South Carolina after 54 years.

Selma is only a piece of the struggle but it’s a crucial part, portayed beautifully in this movie. For the lovers of history and films based on facts, it will be a winner.


Starring and produced by Oprah Winfrey, Selma is the story of a movement. With Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) leading the campaign to secure equal voting, a lot of progress has been made in the North of America, however the South still refuses to abide the law. Selma is the theater of extreme injustice. King and his civil rights’ team decide to use this at their advantage. The only way to get attention is to be on the news constantly. Then and only then will people understand what is really going on.

The movie depicts perfectly this crucial moment. Indeed, the epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and forever altered history.


David Oyelowo gives us a powerful performance. He manages to embody the essence of the pastor, humanitarian and human rights activist who was Martin Luther King. And the movie itself is brilliant.

Even though, it is spread only over three months, it shows the diversity of the movement, the constant fear and most importantly the courage and determination of those men and women fighting for their rights. Fantastic.