I found Sugar Man – or at least his music – here at Spearwood library.

Why was I looking ?  After recently seeing   ‘Searching for Sugar Man’  – one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, I had to find out more about the singer/songwriter enigma simply known as  Rodriguez and listen to more of his music.

From the opening scenes of beautiful Cape Town to the bleakness of winter in Detroit with Rodriguez’s haunting soundtrack, this film has it all – music, mystery and insight into apartheid torn South Africa

In 1970, Sixto Rodriguez released his debut album to little fanfare in the US.  Despite good reveiws, commercial success evaded him and he simply disappeared.  A clandestine copy found its way into  South Africa.  His distinctive voice and emotive lyrics drew an immediate, passionate response from young white liberals , starved as they were of any artform that could be even remotely considered a protest against Big Brother government.
The sale of his two albums there made him more popular than Elvis but where the royalties went is a mystery as they were never received by the artist nor was he aware of his immense popularity in South Africa. 

Nothing was known about him and many rumours circulated,  a particularly distressing one had him as having committed suicide on stage.  Some die hard fans set out to find out what had really happened to their hero and  ….. ( you’re going to have to see the film !)
Check out the Searching for Sugar Man Soundtrack on the Cockburn Libraries catalogue.

Also, check out Cold fact by Rodriguez on the catalogue.

and hopefully when the movie is released on dvd that will also be available.