Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse will take you on a crazy survival adventure.

All rules are out of the window when a whole town is out to get you. The Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse is unexpectedly hilarious. If you want a great comedy, search no longer.

It’s the zombie apocalypse! Come on, we’re scouts! We’re trained for this! ~ Augie


Three teenage scouts, friends since the beginning of time, are out camping far from the city. However, left without supervision they soon decide that a wild rave would be more appropriate. When they arrive in town, they discover that something terrible has happened. The party will have to wait. First, they will have to survive. Indeed, zombies have taken over. From the evil old lady next door to their beloved chief scout, everybody is out for blood… and guts.

Borrow the DVD at your local Cockburn library to find out if they make it!


I have only one word: fun! It’s been a long time since a movie made me laugh that much. It is a crazy story and the lead actors are teenagers, there is no way I should have enjoyed it but I really did. To be fair, my expectation wasn’t very high but in the end, I really had a good time watching the Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse.

All right, scouts. Let’s kick some zombie ass! ~ Ben

Zombies have become common. We are used to people getting ripped apart. The Scouts take advantage of it. They dare to take all the gore and the gross and make fun of it. The scenario is fearless. It is crazy, it is outrageous, it is obscene and it is perfect.
Furthermore, the main characters are really lovable in all their geekiness. They bring together some comedy, some scary adventure / horror, a beautiful friendship tale and the issues that come with puberty and growing up all into one.

Keep in mind though, this movie is rated MA15+ and is definitely NOT for the whole family.