Hey gang! I’m one of the humble library officers at Cockburn Libraries and I’ll be running the school holiday activities this October! Being a bit of a geeky geek myself I’ve set up a bunch of activities that I think will be pretty cool so be sure to book in early as we only have so many spots! You can book yourself by checking out our events calendar OR you can ask one of the many VERY friendly Cockburn Library staff (We’re so photogenic!) to do it for you if you like!
But what do we have in store I hear you ask? Well..
To begin with we’re going to be playing around with Lego! (Not quite to the extent of the picture over there unfortunately..) You can feel free to just make your own stuff or you can join in our building competition with cool prizes for each of the three libraries (Coolbellup, Success and Spearwood) up for grabs with a grand prize winner to be decided as well. There’ll be little prizes as well and EVERYBODY will get their own Lego Master Builder certificate! Prestigious.

We’re going to be making hand puppets out of felt and other bits and pieces to create our own versions of Spider-man, Supergirl, Batman or anybody or you can even make your own. Which is going to be fun!  On a similar theme we’re going to be making mosaics (a picture made up of lots’n’lots of other stuff) of your favourite manga/comic book/cartoon characters that we can frame, stick magnets on and pop on your fridge!

Last but not least, to get everyone ready for Halloween we’re having Scitech come out to show us some Monstrous Science.  This I’m VERY excited about as we’re going to be making things like edible fake brains and injury wounds! MMMMnnn…brrraaaiiins.

SO! Talk to your friendly neighborhood library person and book your spots now – it should be great!