Edge of heaven

The unassuming cover of this dvd does no justice to its content. It has it all – good story, wonderful, understated acting and enough glimpses of political and social problems to send me scurrying for reference sources to find out more about the 3.3 million people of Turkish origin living in Germany today.

This Turkish-German production explores multiculturalism as it exists now in Germany and Turkey through a plot that will make you cry mostly but laugh sometimes. The synopsis – Turkish son finds it in his heart to forgive his father, a German mother decides to forgive and help her daughter’s Turkish lover – sounds trite but will have you thinking long after the final scene which incidentally will leave you guessing and supplying your own ending(s).

The above is just one of the many engrossing movies which are available from our libraries – does anyone else have any ‘must-sees’ to suggest?