Snabba cash (Easy money) was written by Swedish criminal defence lawyer and author Jens Lapidus in 2006. It has been a success in term of sales, and the paperback was the fourth best seller of Swedish novels in 2007. In early 2012 the long awaiting English translation of Snabba cash was released. Lapidus’ writing gives an accurate insight to the Swedish underworld of today. The book was praised by critics and introduced a new genre in Swedish criminal literature. Lapidus’ writing has been compared to James Ellroy and Dennis Lehane. So if you are planning to read one Scandinavian crime fiction this year, this is the one!

Plot Summary:
Jorge is the drug-dealing Latino who refuses to stay behind bars – he wants out in order to gun down those who snitched on him. Mrado is the pill-popping Yugoslavian hit man who breaks people’s thumbs with one hand and strokes his daughter’s cheek with the other. JW is the country boy wannabe who works the graveyard shift in order to fund his partying with the upper-class. They’re all looking for financial corners to cut, and the cocaine scene brings them together. But soon, these three men are united by another and more important goal: revenge on the man who has done them wrong.

A Swedish production company later bought the movie rights and in 2010 the movie premiered. Rumours tell that Zac Efron is going to star in and produce the American remake of the movie for Warner Bros