Sarogini Kamalanathan allowed us into her world of cooking Sri Lankan food

Sarogini Kamalanathan allowed us into her world of cooking Sri Lankan food and provided us with a cooking demonstration recently at Success Library. Sarogini has been spreading the word on the wonders of Sri Lankan cuisine for more than 25 years in Western Australia and previously in New Zealand.  Sarogini has also been conducting cooking classes so she can teach her philosophy of  “to learn how to teach others to cook”.


People often say that you must always have a recipe to follow in order to make a yummy, people pleasing and healthy dish. When people think of eating good quality food they must sit at the dinner with perfect cutlery, fine china and remember to not get anything dirty.  However, Sri Lankan cooking has challenged these theories. According to Sri Lankan cooking superstar Sarogini Kamalanathan leaving ones imagination to run wild when cooking helps explore ones passion for cooking. Making recipes simple and easy to follow makes cooking an adventure. It also creates a sense of community and family within your own home. It is also a traditional method in Sri Lanka to eat your food with your fingers (allowing the white tables cloths and fine china to get a bit dirty). Wouldn’t it be awesome to do this all the time?

One of the key ingredients that is used religiously in Sri Lankan cooking are CHILIES!Hot and Spicy!(in all honesty chilies and I do not get along well). Some interesting facts about chilies: they are high in vitamin C,  they contribute to creating colourful food and of course help maximise the flavour. A secret that Sarogini shared with us and is available on her website is that mixing chili powder with paprika can help bring down the ‘hotness of the chili taste’ which for some people like myself can help immensely!

Some of the delicious dishes Sarogini cooked for us:

sarogini 3

sarogini 2

Be inspired by Sarogini’s recipes.


Sarogini’s Book – Sri Lanka Food won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Indian/Sri Lankan Cookbook.


Borrow Sarogini’s Sri Lanka Food cookbook from the library.

Some of the herbs, spices and grains used in Sarogini’s recipes.


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