Picture of Francisco and Mum from the Cockburn Gazette

Check out this weeks Cockburn Gazette page 3 for an article on the robots currently  invading Cockburn Libraries.  Starting last Friday and running for the rest of the school holidays we have robot themed activities at all three branches for kids to enjoy.  Last week the invasion began at Coolbellup and Spearwood library with Lego and recycled robots(pictured left from the Gazette).  Monday at Success library we made an R2-D2 mailbox out of paper(as well as Iron Man, robot dogs and more) and today we have the people from Tokyo Undergound coming out to help us make model Gundam robots. Next week Scitech are paying us a visit to show us all about Lego Mindstorm robots!

 There are repeat sessions so check at the front desk or check the online events calendar to see if there are any spaces left and come along to help defend against the robots  Don’t forget to check out the kids blog for regular pictures from the invasion frontline!