Battlestar Galactica (or more affectionately known as BSG) is a formidable series that spans a pilot miniseries (2003), 4 seasons (2004-2009), webisodes (The Resistance, Razor Flashbacks and The Face of the Enemy), two feature-length films (The Plan and Razor) and yet another feature length pilot (Caprica) – all of which stem from the 1978-79 brainchild of Glen A Larson.

The series features a quintessential space war between humanity and a human-made (originally) robotic race – the Cylons. The series starts with the unexpected near-obliteration of the human civilisation (spread across twelve planets – the Twelve Colonies) by the Cylons who have returned with dramatic vengeance (and a ‘plan’) to destroy their makers (and enslavers). A mere 50,000 humans survive the attack (from a civilisation of 20 billion (approximate figures)) and live on various spaceships, including the war vessel Battlestar Galactica.

What ensues is an epic collection of battles, chases, rescue operations, espionage, revolts, love, religious questioning and so much more; all rooted in the basic instinct of survival which pits both races against each other in an dramatic race to find and claim a new home – ‘Earth’. Moral questioning of nature of humanity and role of religion underlies much of the series and provides a gripping backdrop and a certain intellectual depth to the characters and their actions throughout the series. The spectacular and endearing qualities of the series are also maintained by the exceptional cast, storyline, visual effects and score (I particularly like the version of the theme song played during the credits of The Plan).

A highly recommended series!

Seasons 1 through 4 are available, as well as Razor and The Plan from Cockburn Libraries (click here).

– Review by Maya, Casual Library Officer