This Anzac day, and in fact all Anzac days, Remembrance days, and all the days in between, it is important to not only remember the courageous men and women who have fought for this country, but also the families and loved ones left behind.

Being ex-defence force myself, along with many friends and family members, I am very conscious of the struggle of those waiting at home. Not knowing where your partner is. Not knowing how long your children might be gone. Not knowing if your father will ever come home. These are the things that families of defence force personnel have felt both 100 years ago when those first ANZACs left for battle, and today, with the continuing conflicts throughout the world.

Legacy, is the charity dedicated to caring for the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans. Today, Legacy’s caring and compassionate service assists over 90,000 widows and 1,900 children and dependants with a disability. The origins of Legacy come from the Great War of 1914-18, in Gallipoli, Palestine, France, and Flanders. Many men who returned from those battlefields felt that their colleagues in business were failing to assist other returned men adequately. One man from Hobart, Sir John Gellibrand, decided to do something about it.


Sir John founded the Remembrance Club in Hobart in 1923, with the aim of encouraging returned servicemen into business. The group was soon replicated in Melbourne by a former member of Gellibrand’s brigade staff, Stanley Savige, who continued his commitment to the group for the next 26 years.

In 1925, it was suggested that Legacy should look into caring for the children of deceased servicemen. This proposal was accepted and Legacy found its soul. The legacy of care continues today.  Legacy is a voluntary organisation, supported by veterans, servicemen and women and volunteers and its support extends to include the dependants of members of today’s Australian Defence force who lose their lives or their health as a result of military service.

The 25th of April, 2015 marks the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli. Cockburn Libraries are supporting many memorial events to honour this momentous event. Please visit our website to register for some of these interesting and memorable events. To find out more about Legacy and how you can support the men, women and families that support our freedom, please visit the Legacy website and get involved.