rain musicRain Music is Di Morrissey’s latest book.

It is set in Far North Queensland. The story is about a brother and sister. Bella lives in Melbourne and has taken her annual leave to track down her brother Ned who is leading a bit of a nomadic existence in Far North Queensland playing music. Bella is hoping to talk Ned into coming to a memorial service to be held in their deceased father’s honour. When Bella eventually tracks Ned down he is in an isolated house out of Cooktown. Ned is definitely hiding something and does not want to share it with Bella. They discover the rich history of the many cultures in this part of Queensland and it gives them some common ground and time to work together on the same project. The people they come in contact with introduce them to an unfamiliar world far removed from their home in Victoria. It definitely has a ripple effect on their relationship.

The setting is a critical factor in the story and Di Morrissey enjoys doing her research and shares with readers the history and background of Australia. I love the way Di Morrissey writes and have read just about all of her books. I would highly recommend this book. It is one of those books that you don’t want to put down.

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