The Australian Government’s publication, Protecting Yourself Online – What Everyone Needs to Know (pdf), contains important information on how to stay safe online. It combines cyber security information from different government agencies and departments in the one publication, making it easy for you to access information on how to stay secure when using the internet.

“The booklet is a comprehensive collection of cyber security and safety information and provides advice on the basic steps Australians need to take to stay secure online. It also contains valuable advice for consumers on how they can secure their computer, be smart with their online finances and identities, and keep themselves and their family safe online.The advice is practical and helps to apply real world common sense to the online environment.

The booklet also includes details of where to go for more information on identity security, offensive content, scams and fraud as well as where they can report online problems or incidents. By following the advice in this new publication, Australians can minimise cyber security risks while enjoying the benefits of living, working and playing online”

– Attorney-General, Robert McClelland