Premiers Book Award winners announced

Kim Scott has joined the WA Writers Hall of Fame in 2020. Kim is acclaimed locally, nationally and internationally for his  exemplary work both as an Australian writer and in the field of Indigenous literature.

Holden Sheppard won The Premier’s Prize for an Emerging Writer worth $15,000 for his debut novel, Invisible Boys. ‘It’s not just the authors, the winners or the shortlistees who are the beneficiaries of this generosity, it’s actually 2.6 million Western Australians who get to see themselves represented in literature.’ said Holden.

Amanda Curtin won The Western Australian Writer’s Fellowship worth $60,000. Meg McKinlay won the children’s category for her novel Catch a Falling Star.

The Daisy Utemorrah Award for Unpublished Indigenous Junior and Young Adult Writing Award was open to Indigenous writers from across Australia.  Teela May Reid won for Our Matriarchs Matter. 

The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards support, develop and recognise excellence in Western Australian writing.

Author Kim Scott standing, looking up, arms crossed
Book cover for Invisible Boys
Book cover for Kathleen O'Connor of Paris

For more information, go to the State Library of Western Australia website.

Amanda Curtin said she was very proud to be a part of the West Australian writing community. ‘Many things unite all of us in that community and I think above all is the belief, the knowledge, that stories matter. We didn’t need a pandemic to tell us that but a pandemic has really shown us how true it is.’

A further six authors gained a place on the shortlists. Helen Milroy made the shortlist for the Premier’s Prize for an Emerging Writer, while Fiona Burrows and Kathryn Lefroy were shortlisted for the Premier’s Prize for Writing for Children. Caitlin Maling  and Rafeil Ismail were both in the running for The WA Writer’s Fellowship while Ellen van Neerven was up for the Daisy Utemorrah Award for Unpublished Indigenous Junior and Young Adult Fiction.