So some of you MAY have heard of this little thing called Harry Potter. I don’t know, it’s about a wizard or something? I’ll assume you’re familiar with it. Fans of the Potter are about to experience a huge crushing period in their life now the books are done and the final movie is hitting in just under a month.

What are we going to do? No new or adapted Harry Potter material? What will fill this void in our lives? Work? Family? I don’t think so!

Well luckily J.K.Rowling has saved us from our bleak future by bringing us Pottermore!

What is Pottermore? I’m…not exactly sure. As far as I can gather its an online expansion for the world of Harry Potter. It’s not new content as such, although Rowling is providing some extra material for this, it’s designed to compliment the books by providing extra reading material, animation, games and a social networking component. It’s also going to feature the Pottermore store which will be the exclusive place to buy Harry Potter digital audio books and e-books. Sounds interesting no?

Here an excerpt from the press release which can explain it clearer than I.

In the new website, the storyline will be brought to life with sumptuous newly-commissioned illustrations and interactive ‘Moments’ through which you can navigate, starting with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone. On entering, you choose a magic username and begin your experience. As you move through the chapters, you can read and share exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling, and, just as Harry joins Hogwarts, so can you. You visit Diagon Alley, get sorted into a house, cast spells and mix potions to help your house compete for the House Cup.

So yes, sounds good. If you want to be involved in the testing and shaping of the site (called Beta form) you can sign up for the beta. The first million people that sign up on July 31st get to “ put final touches to the experience.” So yes, good luck on getting into THAT. I don’t think anyone really knows about this at the moment and Harry Potter’s really not THAT big so you should be able to get in the beta no problems (Sarcasm mode off). If you don’t, and lets face it you probably won’t, then the site launches officially in October.

I don’t know about you but it sounds like a great little free bonus to further enhance the world of Harry Potter and I’ll be looking forward to joining up to get my Potter fix! Now roll on the final movie …ooooh I hope Harry beats that beastly Voldermort! (It’s alright, I HAVE read the books..)

Go check out the website to see J.K. explain it herself.