If you liked Twilight, you will love Poison study by Maria V. Snyder. Adventure, love, danger and passion are united once again. If you’re looking for something to read, look no further. Poison study will captivate you.

Set in a different world, it is definitely a magical book that you’ll have a hard time putting down.

Yelena has blood on her hands. She doesn’t deny it and is ready to pay the price: hanging. However, on the day of her execution, everything changes. She has a choice to make, a quick death or slow poison. Indeed the commander’s food taster has died. It is her chance to take his place. But dying today or living every moment wondering if it is your last, is more than she bargained for. The risks of assassination is great and her death certain if she doesn’t take an antidote every morning. As it happens, to rule out any chance of her escape, the chief of security has poisoned her with Butterfly’s dust.

Yelena will eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace, meet friends and enemies and try her hardest to stay alive day after day.

An intense character that you can only love.

Yelena is a murderer but she is also strong, smart and resilient. The book is written so we don’t know what happened to her and what led her to her sentence. It is very clever and from the moment I picked it up I simply didn’t want to put it down.

Part of a trilogy, this first book is captivating.


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