“Pizza’s like sex: good or bad, it’s still good”

Author and multi-award winning Master Pizza Chef Theo Kalogeracos arrived at Spearwood Library, on Thursday 8 August, armed with a stack of pizza boxes (containing pizzas!), some mini pizza ovens,copies of his books, and a Sidney*, to talk about making the perfect pizza, winning the World Pizza Championships, his pizza stores – Little Caesars Pizzerias (now called Theo and Co Pizzeria), and his two pizza cookbooks: Theo & Co : the search for the perfect pizza & Theo & Co. take 2 : the search for the perfect pizza continues

Pizza boxes @ Spearwood LibraryTheo Kalogeracos pizza extraordinaire 

The crowd on the night got to sample some of the pizzas off the Little Caesars menu, and while you missed out on that, you do get a chance to listen to Theo’s very entertaining and informative talk. 

Amongst the many highlights of this podcast, some of the things you’ll discover are:

  • whether or not Theo’s dessert pizzas are suitable to eat cold (the answer involves the quote at the top of this post)
  • whether or not you should put Vegemite on a pizza 
  • while Tame Impala may be pretty good at playing psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music, they are no experts in the field of pizza toppings
  • how one library staff member’s husband used his pizza tossing skills to impress the ladies (it was the sixties)
  • the ingredients for a perfect pizza dough

*Sidney (while Theo talked, Sidney, the manager of the Hillarys Little Caesars Pizzeria shop, kept the audience’s stomachs entertained by handing out delicious pizza samples)