Carina Hoang has been honoured as one of Western Australia’s most courageous and inspiring women. She was one of the original boat people in the seventies and now works tirelessly documenting the stories of other refugees. Carina visited Spearwood Library during Refugee Week to talk about her experience of fleeing Vietnam as well as the experiences of other refugees, some of which she has recorded in her latest book Boat People : Personal Stories from the Vietnamese Exodus 1975-1996.

“She was amazing to hear!!” and “The stories were very touching and so hard to hold [back] tears”, are a couple of comments made on the Libraries’ facebook page about Carina’s talk.

Listen below or you can download the entire talk to listen to on your iPod other digital media player

[Update: 10 August 2010] Sorry, at the request of the presenter, this podcast is no longer available, but you check other great author talks on our podcast page