Pixels has one of the most outrageous story-lines ever written. Absolutely everything is unrealistic and that’s what makes it funny. Adam Sandler is back!


At an early age, Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) was an Arcade games champion. He could see the patterns and beat the machines. However, technology evolved and as an adult he is no longer the best. On the contrary, he is divorced and his career is at an all time low. That is until aliens decide to attack Earth using Pacman, Donkey Kong and other 80’s games. Sam becomes the only person good enough to save us all. Along with his childhood best friend, now president of the United States, Will Cooper and other arcaders he will have three chances to fight for our beloved planet.

Adam Sandler brings an all star cast together. Peter Dinklage, Kevin James, Ashley Benson and Michelle Monaghan promise to make watching this movie fun and enjoyable… and they mostly deliver. Yes, the story is far fetched. Who’s going to believe that Pacman and Donkey Kong have been sent by aliens to kill us? Yes, the jokes have been heard before. They are funny, why change them? This movie doesn’t take itself seriously and that is why it works.

Be prepared for a movie plot that makes no sense at all, for a love story in the middle of an alien invasion and Adam Sandler as a hero saving the world.