I know very little about traditional pilgrimages apart from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and sacred places like Mecca and Lourdes. I suppose I’m more familiar with more modern pilgrimages, that don’t necessarily include the long contemplative walk but a mere visit to what have become shrines. Musical pilgrimages to cemeteries to see Jim Morrison’s tomb in Paris, or Bon Scott’s in Fremantle or even Graceland are popular now. It’s strange what has become sacred. Usually it has to do with death or disasters. Many people now go on pilgrimages to Gallipoli or other war arenas. And what about the site of the twin towers in New York? Why do we find these places so compelling and what does it say about us? Have you been on any remarkable pilgrimages? Is the walk an important part of the pilgrimage?

A Perth couple, Malcolm and Kim Wells, were so moved by their pilgrimage across northern Spain along the ancient path of the Camino de Santiago that they were inspired to create the beautiful book Camino Footsteps. The sacred place they were going to visit was the magnificent Santiago Cathedral which holds the relics of the Apostle James. What was so significant about their journey?

Cockburn Libraries invite you to come along to Spearwood Library on Saturday 5th of February from 10.30am – 12.00 to listen to them share their experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to win a copy of this exquisite book. It will also be on sale for $40.00. Free refreshments will be provided.

Bookings are essential on 9411 3800 or  online here.  And who knows, perhaps you’ll be encouraged to go on a pilgrimage of your own?