Phew – I have to get better at these Pick of the Weeks! Sorry all!
I’ve got a graphic novel this week that is still classified Young Adult but more skewed to the adult than the young ..possibly.

The Apolcalpyse Solution by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena is a brilliant book featuring an underground team of X-men who do the dirty work so the X-men themselves don’t get their hands dirty.  In this case one of the X-men’s most dangerous villains, Apocalypse, is back and X-Force head off to shut him down.  Of course, Apocalpyse has returned as an innocent young boy which, y’know, makes things different.
Story is great – art is beautiful – the colouring by Dean White is, as always, amazing. 

Highly recommended as long as you’re old enough to read this stuff – it does have a Parental Advisory label on the back so while it’s not adults only it’s probably not a good idea to go from Garfield: I hate Mondays to this.