Ugh. So i’ve been off sick this week. Not a fun experience. Oh well – at least I’ve passed it on to the rest of my family! Mwahahah…erm..anyway.  One PLUS side to being sick is once you get past the stage where you can’t focus on a screen or printed material without passing out then you’re pretty much restricted to reading.

Which leads to my pick of the week. Pick of the week is a thing I’m going to do, by the way. Every week, I’m going to pick something. Simple really.

This week is the first in the Young Adult ‘Alone’ series by Australian author James Phelan. Short review, two thumbs up – longer review..

Chasers is the first book in the ‘Alone’ series as mentioned above – essentially an Australian kid is participating in a camp in New York when some bad stuff goes down. There’s destruction, death and chaos as Jesse and his three friends struggle to survive in the as well as having to deal with the survivors from the …er…bad stuff…..who seem to have been infected with..err..something….causing them to become something not quite human. I’m using my words carefully as there is potential for spoilers aplenty and I want everyone to go into it fresh. Check it out – theres three in the series, we have the first two and the third is on it’s way.

Click here to reserve it. It’s available now – I just brought it back.  Although you might have to wait a bit for the second one as I just borrowed it.