For the past week, leading up to publication of her new novel, The White Queen (the library has copies on-order), Philippa Gregory has been tweeting a twitter version of it. The novel proper is published tomorrow in the US.

Gregory re-interpreted her novel as a series of tweets from the novel’s main character, Elizabeth Woodville.

Gregory, as reported earlier this month by The Bookseller, said:

Turning a 150,000 word novel into tweets was never going to be easy. Tweets are a discipline, rather like a haiku, and the shortness of the sentence gives each one a rhythm which is really interesting for prose. It was more like writing poetry than prose. And some of the tweets seem to me to be more arresting than the prose of the book. I especially like the first one: ‘If my mother were not a witch, and the descendant of the goddess Melusina, I think none of this could ever have happened to me. But it did

As you, like me, have already missed the live tweets, the whole twitter version will be available, from tomorrow, to view at , or you can check out the original twitter page at, although then you’ll have to read it backwards.