It’s not often you see a decent movie filmed in Perth. It’s even rarer when it stars someone of the caliber of Ewan McGregor.

Son of a Gun starts to follow the fairly standard story line of a naughty boy who is in the ‘in and out of jail’ scenario, meets a girl, then at the end of the movie he is pushing his kids on swings in the afternoon sun with huge smiles like everything is ok and his life has turned around. This movie won’t give you that cliché.

I really liked this movie, and yes, my love of Perth and Freo has altered my perception of what makes this movie good. But, seeing Port and Leighton in several shots was amazing, realising I had eaten at some of the places in the movie did make me like those scenes more. There is even a heavy handed scene at the newly refurbished Bathers Beach that will excite some viewers. To add to the depth of the dark side, the “bad guy’s” house was filmed on location in Mosman Park, a house that would be obvious to anyone who likes taking Sunday river drives, especially near the upmarket street of Saunders Drive.

A huge part of the movie was filmed at Sunset Hospital in Dalkeith with some jail scenes taking place  in Casuarina prison where some very graphic violent scenes occurred. Some reminded me of the first season of Orange is the new Black. The scenes then move to six months later when the other main character JR (Brandon Thwaites) is out of jail. Through an almost montage-like collage of scenes we see JR and Brendan (McGregor’s character) back together on the outside and causing trouble. This part of the movie is also where Alicia Vikander makes her entrance as a well casted love interest for (anybody with warm blood) JR.

Through many twists and turns the newly formed group of notorious armed robbers find themselves back on the job, this time with the target of gold in Kalgoorlie. This is where the movie gets messy, not in terms of the plot, but the amount of action and subsequent injuries leading to blood and death.

Just like most movies where the bad guys are the main characters, I really wanted McGregor’s gang to do the bad things and get away with it (Like when the cheetah is chasing the gazelle in an Attenborough documentary). They do attempt some grand schemes, sometimes in a fashion that will shock some viewers but not others.

I will leave the subsequent twists and turn up to the director Julius Avery to show you for himself. This movie is a must watch for anyone who is patriotic about their land and would like to show it off to visitors or overseas friends.

Other notable filming locations are a motel in Beckenham, Geordie Bay in Rottnest and Roe St in Northbridge. If you look closely, you can even see a scene filmed within the City of Cockburn! See if you can spot them all – some are even still a mystery to me! One of the cast members is also a Western Australian native, try not noticing Soa The Hulk Palelei, a very talented UFC fighter who plays an old school henchman.

I would recommend this movie not only to Perth people or fans of WA, but anyone who likes a bit of action, a well-directed movie and casting Phil Jackson would be proud of.

Here is a map of where some of the scenes were shot! Can you see anymore that I have missed?



A few images from Ewan McGregor’s Instagram