With the silly season upon us the staff from Cockburn libraries put down their books and relaxed with a feast at one of our newest staff members house for a bit of christmas cheer. Sandra, our very gracious host whipped up an amazing indonesian smorgesbord with the help of a few others. A highlight of the dessert table has to be Jarrod’s Christmas ninja cookies – they tasted as good as they looked. The one thing I can tell you my friends, is that librarians can cook! A lurk to working in a library is you always know when a staff member is hungry at work because you tend to start browsing the cookbooks. Big glossy cookbooks for every cuisine. And if its not a cookbook its a foodie magazine. Gourmet traveller, Delicious are to name a few. Its no wonder our spread for the evening crossed cultures and blew diets! So if you have to bring a dish to a party in the next few weeks we have a recipe for you!