The school holiday craziness keeps on going for the second week at Cockburn Library where around 20 kids this morning descended upon our Success branch to unleash their Doctor Frankenstein and create some monsters! Out of paper that is! (phew..I was getting worried there for a second..)

Using various templates we cut, glued and folded over 30 different monsters and had a blast doing it! If you’re interested in making papercraft theres various books to be found on the topic as well as tons of free models available to donwload via the internet. Check out this link to get started. Whether you like monsters, star wars, pokemon video games or robots there are tons of free paper models to be found!

Theres still a few school holiday activities left to come for all those early birds who booked (all booked out by this stage I’m afraid) with Fusion Beads happenning at Coolbellup this afternoon at 1pm and wrapping up with Lets Party which takes place at the three different branches over Thursday and Friday! Lets Party features the Perth Kids Entertainment group and will include a vast myriad of party games! Coolbellup and Spearwood on Thursday, Success on Friday.

I hope everyone enjoyed their creations and look forward to doing some more papercrafting in the future!