Cockburn Libraries has permanently deleted $5 fines for late fees!

That’s great news if you had an existing $5 outstanding fine, because now you don’t!

Cockburn Libraries welcome back new and existing members to enjoy the libraries fine free. Members of the City of Cockburn’s three libraries will no longer receive a fine when they return long overdue materials.

As a response to the current economic climate, if you have an outstanding $5 fine it has now been permanently deleted. City of Cockburn Library Services Manager Linda Seymour said “the move was part of financial measures introduced by the City of Cockburn to reduce financial hardship in the community caused by COVID-19, but it was also in line with the global movement to make libraries accessible to all.”

However,  it is important to note that library members will still receive an invoice for items overdue for 28 days, but if materials are returned in good condition, their invoice will be waived.

See our full overdue items policy.