Organic Gardening for Spring

Organic gardening is not something new. It’s what our grandparents were doing only a few generations ago. Before large hardware stores and online ordering were even “invented”.  At this interactive workshop, participants will learn:

  • What is “organic”
  • How to get the best use of your space out big, small or pots!
  • What makes good soil and your choice of composting
  • Companion planting, crop rotation and succession planting
  • Organic pest control, natural soil builders and feeders for healthier plants
  • How to avoid waste and use what you have
  • Saving seeds from your own fantastic vegetables
  • How to get started, what to grow and when

Bring along your own soil sample for quality testing

When: Tuesday 14 September 6-8pm

Where: Success Library, 11 Wentworth Parade Success

$5 per person

Bookings essential