Follow along for the next 10-12 days as we process green olives the Calabrese way!

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The olives are split to allow the bitterness to leach out and marinades & flavourings in.

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Our secret weapon is the Italian member of staff overseeing the process.  The olives are rinsed and individually split – in our case with the side of a meat mallet. We are leaving the pips in, but some bloggers split the olive and take the pip out – see below for links.


As soon as they are split they are put into a container (non reactive) of water with sea salt added, and the water changed everyday for the next 7-12 days, still adding a little salt with every change of water.  The olives need to stay submerged, and breath, so place a cloth or tea towel over the top of the container with a plate or weight on top of the water.


For further inspiration and a different take, have a look at the Nourished Kitchen where they have a Moroccan theme with preserved lemon, bay leaf, turmeric, ginger and coriander.

Stay tuned for updates.