“Kiss chasey…you’re it.”
This was perhaps the high point of season five of Offspring and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely time to join the Proudmans on this excellent Australian dramedy.


The show centres around Nina, an obstetrician who has some excellent issues with reality. Her sister Billie, who has no filter at all, and her brother Jimmy who appears to have no ambition while also being a good father, husband…and possibly the most well-adjusted member of the family. Then there is Nina’s father, her other father, her mother, her father’s son’s mother who is also one of her friends and…well this is going to get very complicated.

There are some Australian TV shows that stick with a person, A Country Practice (which I am too young for but I hear great things), Acropolis Now, Mother and Son, and Fast Forward (thigh slappers of Australia unite!) but this might have taken over as my favourite. I admit to coming to this series late, I started watching episode two of season five and then had to go back and binge watch the rest of the series.

Which you can do here:
Offspring – Series 1Series 2Series 3Series 4

This was well worth my time, the series is funny, awkward, sad, crushing (so, so crushing), but still hopeful and you never want the hour to end. I truly hope this show gets another series even though the end of series five felt very final.

When you watch keep an eye out for:
Eddie Perfect singing ‘A Six At Best’ which I will not give away to you but is sooo worth everything.
Kiss chasey as mentioned above.
The oddly familiar work relationship shared at St Francis hospital, andThe love at first sight experienced by Elvis.

What do you think is the best Australian TV show, we’d love to hear your opinion.