Fans of Gladiator beware, Russell Crowe is coming back in the epic movie Noah. Slightly older but still at the top of the box office, he delivers this time the biblical story of Noah’s ark. Found in the book of Genesis, it is the tale of a man burdened with the mission to save Earth and its living creatures.


The plot in itself is pretty straightforward: build an ark, gather a male and a female of each living species and save humanity. But why does humanity need to be saved and will Noah be able to do it? Evidently, Earth has become a terrible place to live in, a place where food is scarce and where murders and rapes are common. The dark side of human nature has taken over and the creator wants to purify the planet. He chooses Noah and his family to do it. To help them, he puts in their paths fallen angels.


Unfortunately, this is where I started to flicker on the quality of the movie. Yes, the special effects are very impressive but I just couldn’t get behind the whole idea. Fallen angels turned into rock monsters on Earth? I believe that there are good ideas in that film such as the conflict that Noah has with himself. He wants to follow the creator’s orders and wonders if the purification of the planet shouldn’t be done by the destruction of human kind for example. However, the good parts are just not enough.

At the end I would say that it is probably not worth the millions of dollars put into it and that Russell Crowe should have stuck to Gladiator.

P.S: If you want to know more about the story, pick up a book: The ark before Noah : decoding the story of the flood by Irving Finkel.