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We have a NEW Newmarket category at Success Library! These books are our hidden treasures… awesome books that have been tucked away on the shelves and are now ready to shine. Come in to Success Library to browse the display or view the Hidden Gems on our catalogue now. 

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Link to Catalogue record for The call of the weird : an American road trip with Neo-Nazis, porn stars and one (alleged) space alien

After a decade of making documentaries about offbeat characters on the fringes of US society, Louis had the urge to return to America and track down the people who most fascinated him. It would be a reunion tour, but this time without the cameras and the sense of performance being filmed inevitably brings. It would allow him to get closer to people, to discover what really motivated them, what they believed in, and what had happened to the assorted dreamers, outlaws and eccentrics since he last saw them. On a journey that took him to the porn sets of Los Angeles, among the UFO contactees of Arizona, and up to far Northern Idaho for a festive get-together of leading neo-Nazis, he asked what ‘weird people’ have to tell us about our own secret natures.

Link to Catalogue record for Parental discretion is advised : the rise of N.W.A and the dawn of gangsta rap

Discover the stunning rise, fall, and legacy of N.W.A, one of America’s most revered and iconic enduring music groups, who put their stamp on pop culture, black culture, and who changed hip-hop music forever in this comprehensive and authoritative work of music journalism. In 1986, a rap group was formed that would establish the foundation of gangsta rap and push the genre forward, electrifying fans with their visceral and profane lyrics that sensationalized street life and brazenly challenged the police system. Comprised of Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and DJ Yella, the group’s multi-platinum success was aided, and at times tarnished, by its brash swagger and conflicts with legal and business establishments. During their five years together, N.W.A managed to put West Coast hip-hop on the map and mint groundbreaking superstars out of Eazy, Dre, and Cube, ushering in a new genre of rap that included Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and the Notorious B.I.G.

Link to Catalogue record for 11 paper hearts

A year after a car accident affected her memory, sixteen-year-old Ella begins receiving paper hearts from a secret admirer with clues that may help her remember the weeks she lost.