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‘Read More’ commanded our Facebook page – oh that’s easy, I work in a library.

Right ! well so far on this 9th day of January 2014, I have finished … drumroll… 2 books (unless you count binge watching all four seasons of BBC’s comedy ‘Outnumbered’)  Confession –  both books were started in 2013 but let’s not be picky.

First, you have to read Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – yes I gush but this is a good book by an Australian author.   The icy landscape of Iceland is so well described that even while reading on a very warm Perth summer’s day I had to repress a few shivers.   Not a happy book, it is based on the true story of the last woman to be legally beheaded in Iceland  but deserving of the accolades heaped on it.  I was even listening to the talking book version in my car until my desire to hear what happened next exceeded the number of car trips I was taking so I quickly finished the print version.

 Watch out for the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.

I picked up Dorothy Koomson’s The Flavours of Love at work because I had left Burial Rites at home so read the two very different novels in tandem.  The Flavours of Love  kept hinting at secrets which when revealed proved a bit anticlimatic. But it was a story of family relationships deeply affected by tragedy told in a very readable way.

Not a bad reading way to start the New Year.