Amanda Curtin talks about her first novel The Sinkings, and her just published story collection Inherited. 
This podcast was recorded at Spearwood Library on 20th October 2011. It is almost as good as being there, except you miss out on the post-talk wine tasting.The SinkingsIn 1882 dismembered human remains were discovered at a lonely campsite called ‘The Sinkings’ near Albany, Western Australia. The surgeon conducting the autopsy claimed they were those of a woman. Why, then, was the victim identified as Little Jock, a sandalwood-cutter and former convict? And why was the murder so brutal, so gruesome?  Inherited brings together nineteen stories about the gifts and burdens we inherit from the world or from those we love, and what we, in turn, leave behind.

Book summaries provided by Amanda’s publisher UWA Publishing

Update (30th November): I forgot to tell you that Amanda’s talk was sponsored through a  Writers in Libraries grant  from the good people at writingWA.