Gritty edgy action, thought provoking insight, bloody violence: All this and more can be yours to take home this month with some of the new Adult Graphic Novels we’ve added to the collection. Check out the graphic adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House-Five, or Aussie author Tom Taylor’s DCeased which was nominated for a Ledger Award this year in which the Justice League and friends have to defend against a world decimating virus. We also have The Old Guard, which was recently aired as a new Netflix series starring Charlize Theron and the classic Sci-fi fable, Clover: the Collector’s Edition.


Book cover for  Clover collector's edition
Book cover for The old guard. Book two, Force multiplied
Book cover for  DCeased
Book cover for Alien 3 : the unproduced screenplay
Book cover for  DCeased. Unkillables
Book cover for Slaughterhouse-five : or the children's crusade : a duty-dance with death
Book cover for Joseph Conrad's Heart of darkness
Book cover for  LaGuardia : a very modern story of immigration