Burn After Reading – rated MA15+

Another blackly humorous satire from the Cohen brothers. This sex farce come political thriller, come social satire, sees Ossie Cox (played to the hilt by the wonderful John Malkovich) as a long serving CIA analyst. He is demoted due to his drinking problem and his quest for justification and revenge, in the form of a tell-all memoir, sets the scene for a riot of espionage, adultery, blackmail, murder and amazing self absorption.

The rest of the cast are equally wonderful. There is George Clooney playing the happily married yet compulsive philanderer Harry. Tilda Swinton as Katie, Ossie’s scary and adulterous wife. Then we have Frances McDormand’s wacky, self absorbed, pop psychology spouting, plastic surgery obsessed Linda and Brad Pitt playing the vacuous Chad, who tries to support Linda in her attempt at extortion. The resolution of Chad’s character arc is shockingly funny (emphasis on the shocking part) and Chad’s hair cut is another in a line of fabulous Cohen character hairdos.