Hello anime fans. You may remember a post from a few months back mentioning that we would be starting a new Anime section in the DVD collection at Success Library. Well, just letting you know we have recently made several more excellent new titles available.

They include a great mix of titles, from very new to timeless classics (left to right, respectively).

Some are feature films:

Feature anime covers 1.1

Patema invertedThe girl who leapt through timeVampire hunter D : bloodlustGhost in the shell

And some are complete series:

anime series covers 1.1

Psycho-pass. Collection 1 (episodes: 1-11) & Collection 2 (episodes: 12 – 22) Princess JellyfishToradora

anime series covers 2.1

Ergo ProxyNow and then, here and thereX : Complete Saga Collection – Trigun : Remastered Collection

If you want to watch any of these cool titles you may have to reserve them because they don’t seem to sit on the shelf for very long. In fact, as I was putting some new titles out the other day I had left one on my desk, so went back to get it, and by the time I returned to shelve it, two titles were already gone!

Our anime experiment is so far proving popular. If you have any feedback or suggestions to make, please leave a comment.


Oh … and don’t forget, we have a new monthly magazine that covers anime, manga, east Asian cinema, music, cosplay and pop-culture, and more. It’s called Neo, so borrow or reserve an issue and keep up to date with what’s trending in the world of Japanese animation.