To all the girls out there who are stressed out by their jobs, their kids, their husbands, and life in general, I would advise you to take five minutes and read this graphic novel. But I really wanted to be an anthropologist by Margaux Motin is the funniest book I’ve read in a while. Every time I pick it up I laugh at the same jokes.

The author talks about her day to day routine with wit and manages to make fun of herself and her crazy habits. I recognised myself and I believe that all women would. I am not just saying this because she is French and therefore probably has the same humour as me, I absolutely loved her and her book.

AnthropologistDo you ever dance around in your undies when nobody’s home? Do you talk to your pets? Are stray hairs driving you mad? Then you will relate to Margaux Motin.

She talks about parenting issues and life in general. She really wanted to be an anthropologist but is only good at drawing and therefore became an illustrator in the beautiful city of Paris. She has a daughter and a husband nicknamed the Tyrants and most importantly she is not afraid to speak her mind and make big, bold statements. According to her for example, kids are like alcohol, bad girls are always more believable with backup, and there are some things you don’t say to a soldier coming back from the front.


Want to know more? Read it! You won’t be disappointed.