We are all looking for Mr. Right.

But what does that really mean? Who is he? There is no set rules because one woman’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. This crazy comedy is proof. Mr. Right is a killer… literally. Of course, it makes for some great fun and adventure. Strap yourselves in and expect a roller-coaster of emotions including good laughs.

They make a killer couple.

Martha McKay (Anna Kendrick) always falls for the wrong guys. She just doesn’t seem to recognize the signs. After yet another painful breakup, she is lost until Mr. Right dances in. Francis (Sam Rockwell) is perfect. He understands her quirkiness, he is kind and romantic and… he is a professional killer. As they slowly fall in love with each other, that big a secret cannot stay hidden. Will Martha accept this huge hiccup? One thing for sure is, she’s in for one crazy ride as his past comes back to haunt him. 

The right amount of awkward and silly.

I love Anna Kendrick. She is such a fun actress. Since her debut in Twilight, she has shone in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, Mike and Dave need weeding dates, Into the woods and many more quirky and hilarious movies. In Mr. Right, she is just amazing. The character of Martha is made for her. It just works.

This movie is  something different. Is it an action movie with romance or is it a chick flick with fights, blood and guns? It is an unusual mix but it makes for a great movie. Indeed, the storyline is well thought of. I mean, what if your sweetheart turned out to be a professional hit man? How would you react? Of course, it is a killer with a conscience and very handsome…

Mr. Right doesn’t take itself seriously. It is great entertainment.