It took me a while to watch Moana. Disney movies recently haven’t been amazing like they used to. What happened to all the wonderful stories I grew up with? Simba, Hercules, Aladdin and Mulan have unfortunately been replaced by second rate films such as Pete’s Dragon, Tomorrowland and Alice through the looking glass. Luckily, Moana surprised me. It is a great adventure.

Moana is a laugh out loud adventure for the whole family.

From the moment she was able to walk, Moana was drawn to the sea. However, in her village, sailing is not permitted above the reef. As the chief’s daughter, she needs to follow the rules but something tells her that her people’s past and future go beyond the land. One day, she sets out on an incredible adventure where she will meet Maui, fallen and forgotten demigod and finally uncover the truth about her identity.

Even the non-Disney lovers will be convinced.

This movie is full of unbelievable tales of demigods, enormous monsters and powerful spirits. It also has quite the song repertoire and from that point of view, you might think that it might not be for everybody. Well, you would be wrong. This daring voyage across the ocean will enchant kids and parents alike. I watched it with my partner. At first, he had a hard time with the music but by the end, he was singing along!

Maui: [Using Heihei’s beak to sign Moana’s oar] When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.

Moana is great because it has action, heart and comedy. The pet that she brings along on her journey is simply too funny.