First encountered in Despicable me and Despicable me 2, Minions have taken over the world. Both children and adults have fallen in love with those little yellow creatures. It was only a matter of time until they starred in they own movie. Minions is a laugh out loud adventure that is going to leave you wanting more.

Where do Minions come from? How did they end up serving Gru? What is their story? All is revealed in this incredible film.


When Earth was created, Minions started as a singe-celled yellow organism and evolved through the different ages with one purpose and one purpose only: serving the ugliest and meanest of masters. Finding a master wasn’t hard but keeping him proved to be difficult. From T-Rex to men, they all suffered a tragic and premature death. Without somebody to serve, minions wandered the globe until one day they finally found a sheltered land. They were finally safe and could celebrate life. But can you really live without fulfilling your purpose? Minions fell slowly into a deep depression. Their existence itself was threatened until one minion came up with a plan.

Kevin will brave the outside world and find them the most evil villain out there to follow. Alongside him will be rebel Stuart and lovable Bob. The trio will go on an exiting adventure, travelling from Antarctica to New York city but will they succeed? Will they carry out their mission and ultimately save Minionkind? Only one way to find out…


This movie is unfortunately not as good as the first installments but it is definitely funny enough. It has gags suitable for the whole family and Minions are so full of silliness with their love of bananas and their out of this world dialect that you can only ask for more.