Comedian Xavier Toby, author of Mining my own business, could have made any number of professions ‘his business’. Not just a comedian turned writer, he also has a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Creative English from the University of Melbourne. He has worked as an admin assistant, a labourer,a kitchen hand, a waiter, an engineer, and an editor and is a fully accredited electricity meter reader – something he is very proud of.

Mining my own Business book cover

Xavier’s book

Two adages came to mind during his appearance at the Spearwood Library on 30th April. One that laughter is definitely the best medicine as the ‘straight from work’ members of the audience visibly relaxed as soon as Xavier began with an off the cuff reply to a friendly heckle and they were never far from laughter the whole evening.

Xavier Toby is no fool and his book is evidence of this. It is a laugh out loud expose of the FIFO life but with perceptive insight into the lonliness and isolation of the miners and the effects of mining on the environment.

He plays the fool to great effect and the evening was a tribute to his talents as comedian and author. (You can see some more photos from the evening on the library flickr page)

The highly visible Xavier Toby

The highly visible Xavier Toby