Mechanica : a beginner’s field guide
  by Lance Balchin is a unique inclusion to the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Shortlist for Book of the Year 2017. It was also nominated for Picture Book of the Year and the Crichton Award for New Illustrators

“Welcome to future Earth. Despite repeated warnings, the environment has become polluted to such an extent that many areas of the globe have become uninhabitable, and wildlife is now extinct. From the ashes, a new style of ‘wildlife’ is created. Wildlife that will not remain harnessed by humankind… an encyclopedia of Mechanical creatures with a fictional narrative.” — publisher’s website.

This book is beautifully illustrated, enticing children and parents to spend time poring over the sketches, statistics and descriptions of the fantastical creatures.

The environmental subject matter can spark interesting discussions about the results of global warming and pollution with older children. Due to this and some advanced vocabulary, I recommend this book for ages seven and up.


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